Monday, May 23, 2016

Traci Ann Nichols "Dancing In The Light"

Every once in a while, the record gods smile upon thee and bestow something so far out that you can't stop listening to it. In this case it's the totally bonkers track "Satisfaction Guaranteed" from Traci Ann Nichols' completely unknown 1980's rural Christian pop record "Dancing In The Light."

Recently found in a Christian radio station thrift dump, along with Harry Thomas' "Something To Quiet The Lion" (see previous post), Traci's music can only be described as the soundtrack to a lost "Saved By The Bell" episode, the one where the gang all become Christians at a revival somewhere in the deep South.

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Recorded at Huff Recording Studio on Route 2 in Forest, Mississippi and produced by David Huff, this LP features some pretty competent arrangements and instrumentation for a rural private release. David's brothers Rayborn and Clayborn get arrangement credits, and all three Huff bros. were the core of late 60's blue-eyed soul band David & The Giants.

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"In Or Out" is a pretty strong effort, but "Satisfaction Guaranteed" is definitely the jam, and for sure should have been the hit single from this amazing lost-to-history slab of private madness.

I love, love, love Traci's vocals and one day hope to see VHS footage of her performing these songs in a high school gymnasium or church talent show somewhere. Someone please find that and send it to me, please.

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