Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Bue-Cotts (Somewhat) Teach Us How To Do "The Wrench Dance"

Music File Hosting - Free Audio - The Wrench Dance

There are a countless number of novelty dance crazes that caught on with the teenage record buying demographic of the 1960's.

"The Twist," "The Watusi," "The Hully Gully," "The Mashed Potato," and even "The Hitchhike" were all household names, thanks in part to clever record label marketing and an all-around public willful suspension of musical disbelief.

But unfortunately for The Bue-Cotts - a painfully obscure frat-rock band, reportedly from somewhere in Kansas - "The Wrench Dance" never quite caught on.

The are many factors at play here as to why this record never had a chance.

The elementary composition/musicianship, presumably limited number of copies made, and private press label that couldn't have conceivably gotten this single 50 miles outside of whatever small town it was pressed in.

All of these scenarios are perfectly logical as to why this one-off organ driven garage sing-along failed to do anything but turn up in a junk shop last week, but it doesn't take a nuclear physicist astronaut to know that it probably also has something to do with not being able to understand the lyrics at all whatsoever - thus rendering the dance itself completely useless.

Just try and follow along.

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  1. Aircap (MN) 45 - 101 (1964) Doug & The Inn-Truders - Doug & The Inn-Truders Kaybank pressing has same label so This must be around 64