Sunday, June 15, 2014

B. Brock & The Sultans Do The Beetle

Crown Records was a subsidiary and budget line label of Modern Records based in Los Angeles, CA.

In 1964, the label tried to capitalize off of Beatlemania with this LP release of "Do The Beetle" by B. Brock & The Sultans.

These dudes look like they traveled back in time after a switchblade fight, just to make an obscure LP aping the Fab Four filled with crazy surf instro burners!

I have no idea who B. Brock or The Sultans were - as no info on the group exists online - but they completely rip on this album, and the title track proves it.

I would guess that they were a studio band called in to do a rush release to piggyback off the insanity that ensued post February 9th, 1964, but the wild spirit of these original tracks make this otherwise throw-away release truly something special.

The moody, organ-and-reverb-drenched "Feed The Beetle" should have been released as a single in my opinion, and "30 FT. Beetle" continues the wild surf mayhem kicked off by the title track.

And what makes this record ever the more endearing, is the boys' horrifically bad take on "I Want To Hold Your Hand."  With off-key warbling, and unassured playing, the kitsch factor of this cover is truly off the charts.

If anyone has any info on this band, please contact me.

P.S. - there seems to be an instro called "Fright" by the boys on that can be found here.

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  1. B. Brock is Bob Brocky (or Brockey). He was the local tough guy garage band rock and roller in our neighborhood of La Mirada, CA. He jumped on the Beatle popularity with these sneakily titled "Beetle" songs and sold a bunch of albums to teenagers who wanted anything that seemed remotely British.